10 day Wilderness Expedition completed!

We have just returned last week from a 10 day wilderness expedition in Loita hills-Nguruman Escarpment of Narok County. We had 16 WCK student leaders 2 WCK staff and one WCK patron as well as 3 JPB staff. We were accompanied by 2 local Maasai Cultural Liasons. We hiked from Entasekera through Neminengio Forest and down to Enkutoto plains covering a distance of almost 60 kms. All participants enjoyed opportunity to visit and learn from the local Maasai friends we encountered and opened their homes for us to visit. At the end of the course our independent Monitoring and Evaluation firm BCC came to conduct a mid term evaluation through interviews with all participants. We were also honored to have the KWS Senior Warden Ewaso Ngiro station Mr. Ole Nashu preside over the graduation ceremony of our candidates at Kims Villa Narok. We thank all those who worked tirelessly to ensure this course ran on schedule especially our donors through Friends of Janam Peace Building Foundation.

Love, Peace and Blessings to all! JPB team.

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