Jambo Everyone!

Last week we had a great meeting in Nairobi with Prof. John Stanback who is overseeing the Independent Monitoring and Evaluation of our pilot program. John was visiting town from North Carolina and wanted an opportunity to review especially our Mid Term (Post Intervention) Report which came out in January 2011. Attending were representatives from Behaviour Change Consult who are the local firm conducting our monitoring and evaluation process as well as representatives of the board of Janam Peace Building Foundation Kenya. It was a great opportunity for all parties in attendance to meet for the first time. Please log on to our website http://www.janampeacebuilding.org to read more about our 2 year Pathways To Peace pilot project. We would like to thank everyone for the support in delivering all the trainings we conducted in year one and look forward to your continued support in the second and final year of the study. Like last year, we plan to start with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) Patrons and Education Officers’ Orientation Expedition in April during school break. Please stay tuned for updates on this and other courses scheduled for this year.

Peace Always!


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