WCK Teachers and Education Officers Orientation Course – Lake Nakuru National Park

Dear Friends, we are now counting hours before we move to Lake Nakuru National Park to start preparations for the arrival of WCK Patrons and Education Officers selected from across the country for our first peace building course this year. The course starts on Friday the 14th April and ends on Monday the 18th April 2011. The course will in addition give us opportunity to share with participants our vision for student leaders courses for this final year of our pilot project while getting important input from teachers who will be involved in the selection of student participants for our year 2011 programs. Staff from Behaviour Change Consult will join us in Lake Nakuru on Friday to carry out baseline survey, ensuring that benchmarks are set for this new set of participants of our second year of the study. We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to all the donors who continue to stand with us in ensuring that we finish this important pilot study (Pathways To Peace). We also say a big thank you to the board of Friends of Janam Peace Building Foundation for their enduring vision and passion in supporting our mission by continuing to rally financial support for year 2 of our pilot study. Asanteni Sana!


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