2011 Loita Wilderness Expedition end on wet, muddy road conditions but high note!

We finished our end of year 2011 Loita Wilderness Expedition successfully (first weekend of December) after an adventure that was blessed with abundant rainfall making for challenging drive into and outside our road heads but a gift in providing plenty of water to drink and cook through out the expedition. Besides the student leaders selected from high schools across the country, we also had two WCK patrons/education officers. Behaviour Change Consult folks came at the end of the expedition in Narok to conduct the Post Intervention Survey which will form part of our end of 2 year pilot study evaluation report. Mrs. Linah Wodera, WCK Program Officer presided over the end of course graduation. Mei Ratz traveled from the US to document this final expedition in photo and video so be on the look out for more postings here and on our website. We thank all whom through their financial support made this expedition possible. Asanteni Sana! Shikuku

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