Preparing for the Wilderness Course in the Nguruman (Nov-Dec)

I recently returned from a visit to Loita Hills/Nguruman, where I had gone to put in place logistical arrangements for the up coming Wilderness Expedition course which we will be running starting from the last week of November when schools close for December holidays. The course will start in Entasekera and end in Enkutoto through the Northern route. This will be the first time that an all Kenyan expedition will be run in the Nguruman. For some reason we never ran any NOEP courses here during NOLS presence so it was very difficult to explain to the local leaders that I will not be having Mzungu/American students or instructors. Otherwise we look forward to sharing this remaining jewel of South Mau Forest with students from a cross the country. Many thanks to those who are working hard to make sure the course runs on schedule in November.

Peace Always! Shikuku

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