Mombasa student course, July 2010

In July 2010 a three day WCK Student Leaders Orientation Course was conducted in Mombasa at WCK Coast Education Centre next to Mombasa Marine Park. Participants were from Eastern and Coast Regions of Kenya.

Two weeks after the end of this course, I got a phone passionate phone call from one of the participants David Njue informing me how while implementing one of his end of course Action Plans (educating members of his local Wildlife Club on peace), his club patron was so impressed with the training that he approached the school deputy principal and they organized for him to scale up the training for the entire school population of over 200 students!

David signed off by saying, “Mwalimu (Teacher in Swahili), now we are all living in peace and respect for each other across our religious difference – Muslims and Christians. Asante Sana (thank you very much) Mwalimu” he said and hung up. This was just a few weeks before we had our new constitution elections and the campaigns for and against the new constitution had polarized the country between religious differences due to some contentious issues in the constitution regarding Muslim Kadhi Courts, which have been in our constitution since independence in 1963. We thank David and the others who went beyond the Action Plans they had outlined at the end of their courses to preach PEACE in their schools and villages at such a critical time. Our new constitution gives us even greater foundation within which to continue with our work of spreading peace especially as we prepare for the next elections in 2012. May Peace always prevail within and without our individual borders!


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