Stories from Langata student course, June 2010

In June 2010 a three – day WCK Student Leaders Orientation Course was conducted in Langata – Nairobi WCK Headquarters grounds. Participants were from high schools in Nairobi, Central and Mt. Kenya Regions of the country.

During the first day of the course, one of the students complained that he expected the other participants to be from the other regions of the country especially with tribes that targeted his members of the community. (Central Kenya is predominantly settled by members of Kikuyu tribe who were the main target during post election violence outside their ancestral home and participants on this course were predominantly of the Kikuyu ethnic group). We reminded him that peace was a multi – layered medium which can only be fostered by first developing peace within ourselves, with our family members, school mates and to a great degree between tribes and even greater between nations. We also accepted his call for having participants from different regions/tribes come together during peace building efforts to better understand the difference and build respect across the divide and told him that is why in phase two of Pathways To Peace in 2010 we planned to select our top performing participants from every course to come together for a 10 day National wilderness expedition course later in the year.


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