Lake Nakuru, Student course, May 2010

In late May 2010 a three day WCK Student Leaders Orientation Course was conducted in Lake Nakuru National Park – WCK Education Centre. Participants were from high schools in Central and South Rift Regions of Kenya During the focused group discussion led by Mr. Gideon Odhiambo of Behaviour Change Consult as part of baseline survey of participants, one student shared with the group how her father and mother being from the two main tribes who were fighting during post election violence in Rift Valley had to separate. The father had to arrange for the mother to escape to Nakuru town and she only returned home after the violence had ended. It was very emotional as she shared how families and friends she had known as friends and neighbors were killed as they watched and some of the bodies dumped in pit latrines. For another student, the parents being from different tribes had separated during the violence and never came back together even two years after the violence. These stories brought great meaning and measure to the importance of PEACE to this group. All were excited at the end of their course to go make a difference in their schools and villages.


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