Lake Nakuru, April 2010

In April 2010 a three day WCK Patrons and Education Officers Orientation Course was conducted in Lake Nakuru National Park WCK Education Centre. Participants for this course were drawn from a cross the country; Western, North Rift, Central, Mt. Kenya, North Eastern, Eastern, Central and South Rift as well as Coast Regions of the country.

One of the participants from this course, Mr. Philip Gitahi who is WCK Education Officer Nairobi, hosted the Student Leaders Course at WCK Nairobi Education Center in June and during this course he shared with Gichuru and I how he attended a workshop after their course that was discussing issues to deal with PEACE. When he was given opportunity to contribute to the discussion, he said everybody was so impressed with his knowledge on the subject that they asked him which school he went to learn all he knew about peace and he proudly told them “ I am a graduate of Pathways To Peace Course held in Lake Nakuru in April 2010” We know many more participants from this course have organized courses for their colleagues back in their schools and the regions they represented. Well done everyone!


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